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System Center Service Manager: Default Request Offering Language

Posted by urpiano en Martes 26 \26\UTC septiembre \26\UTC 2017

There is an error on Deploy the New Self-Service Portal. On the Customize the Self Service Portal section, on the GenericOffering (<language>) key, it shows an example to change the generic offering to Spanish, adding to the section , on Web.config file (it’s default path is C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SelfServicePortal), the line:

<add key="GenericOffering(es-ES)" value="Generic Incident Request (ES)"/>

If you do this nothing happens, the request’s language is still English; if you comment or delete the line:

<add key="GenericOffering" value="Generic Incident Request (EN)"/>

The Generic Request button disappears. The error is in the value field, it must be the same displayed as title on Library\Service Catalog\Request Offerings\Standalone Request Offerings. So, the example, to change the language to Spanish, must stablish the line to add as:

<add key="GenericOffering(es-ES)" value="Solicitud de incidente genérico" />

Be careful! The GenericOffering (<language>) key must be GenericOffering(<language>) (no space between "g" and "(").

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