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Office 365: How to use a Web Server as SourcePath

Posted by urpiano en lunes 20 \20\+01:00 junio \20\+01:00 2016

I’ve spend a lot of time trying to find a documented procedure to use a IIS virtual directory as a valid Office 365 install source, a very interesting install configuration in some sceneries. Finally, I used a Try/Error strategy and finally I achieve to install Office 365 ProPlus from a internal Web Server successfully.

First of all, I installed IIS with default configuration plus directory browsing. Then, I created a virtual directory and copy/paste source files on it. Then, I enabled directory browsing. Next, I tried to install with an XML file defining SourcePath on Add element with «http://server/odt». Meeeeec: Error 30180-4. I look on the log (site on %WindDir%\Temp\MachineName-yyyymmdd-hhmm.log), it show that can found the install files but this error was registered «CheckReachable via Http HEAD request failed» and «»CheckReachable via Http GET request failed». Googleling if found this forum thread https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/office/en-US/48198913-09d3-49f6-b970-84f4357b72de/office-365-c2r-updateurl-http?forum=officeitpro and thanks to Bilis518 I achived to resolve the problem: add the mime type .dat as application-octet-stream. That did the trick!!!! I tried again to install (no gateway configured on NIC) and all went fine.

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