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SCCM 2012 R2 – Message Viewer [Query Not Open]

Posted by urpiano en miércoles 9 \09\+01:00 marzo \09\+01:00 2016

When I tried to open any component’s status message viewer, I always recieved this pop-up boxes:

  1. Title: Configuration Manager Status Message Viewer
    Message:  Configuration Manager could not provide the data that you requested.
  2. Title: Configuration Manager Status Message Viewer
    Message:  An unexpected error has occurred processing status messages [Query Not Open].
  3. Title: Configuration Manager Status Message Viewer
    Message:  The status viewer was unable to retrieve the stored queries list from the data base.

The only solution I found googleing was «Status Message Viewer [Query Not Open]», but that solution didn’t work in my case.

I then tried the following TechNet’s article «Troubleshooting Configuration Manager Console Issues» (and its links). I reviewed permissions, namespace and server connectivity between Site Server and SMS Provider (I have four servers: SiteServer on server1, SMS Provider, Management Point, Distribution Point and Reporting Services Point on server2, Software Update point and Fallback Status Point on server3 and Site Database Server on server4) and all seemed to be right. Desperately, I tried to recompile on the Site Server certain mof files (they are located on <ConfMgr Install Path>\bin\X64). These are the executed lines on an elevated CMD:

mofcomp <ConfMgr Install Path>\bin\X64\smsprov.mof
mofcomp <ConfMgr Install Path>\bin\X64\smsstub.mof
mofcomp <ConfMgr Install Path>\bin\X64\netdisc.mof
mofcomp <ConfMgr Install Path>\bin\X64\cmprov.mof

And that did the trick! More news, this fix some client installation problems!

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